Thoughts on Back Pain

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If you are living a life troubled with episodes of back pain then you need to know that several causative factors are behind it. However, regardless of the cause of your back pain, the pain can surely be overwhelming to the point of ruining your day. Low back pain can render some of the easiest chores near impossible to do. Good news is that there is an all natural treatment capable of relieving your back without the need of using the harmful drugs.

What causes lower back pain?

The causative factors of back pain are often low-risk issues that shouldn't bring much. The most cited causative factors of lower back pain include bone degeneration, bulging disks, and trauma induced by accident or fall. Other traumas inducing activities such as lifting heavy objects improperly, overstretching yourself, or overly exerting yourself after several days of inactivity are culprits as well. It is important to note that the appearance of bone spurs and malfunction of the discs in your spine are two signs indicating that you are battling a muscle or bone degeneration condition. The discs in your spine play a role of cushioning every two adjacent vertebrae. Their middle regions are packed with an essential pulpy substance. So when degeneration occurs, the discs begin bulging out pushing the central part outwards and exerting pressure on all the nerves surrounding the disc. Sometimes the disc located in the lower back region tends to bulge into the sensitive sciatic nerve which traces its way from your lower back down to the feet. This situation results in a form of back pain known as Sciatica.

While the body is capable of adapting and compensating for the pain brought about by these issues, it tends to let it go once it reaches its breaking point. Therefore, the back pain you normally experience is a result of your body being unable to stand more strain from such issues. Reducing your pain using pain relievers – as it is usual with painkillers – only serves to reduce the signs and symptoms but the pain itself remains intact.

Treating lower back pain with traditional remedies

Lower back pain can’t be treated with a single cure. As a result, traditional treatments that are used in relieving this pain often use a combination of over the counter painkillers and prescriptions to suppress the pain. This approach is aimed at deceiving the body that if the pain isn’t being felt then there is no pain at all. But this isn’t the correct way of addressing the problem. The false sense of health produced by this intervention can lead you into hurting your back even more and worsening the situation. Besides, the painkillers may inflict some side effects. Furthermore, escalating the amount of the exercise meant for your aimed at your lower back doesn’t help much in relieving the pain. In fact, this method tends to increase the pain and strains your already exhausted muscles even further. Surgery is the last treatment option you can resort to and it offers a permanent solution. Surgery may involve removal or fusing of the bones. One major setback with surgery is that one operation isn’t enough and will require some additional operations after the first procedure.

Chiropractic care

The back that houses the spine is composed of a range of interlocked pieces that work as a unit to accomplish various functions. For this reason, a malfunction in one piece affects the whole system. For instance:
The vertebrae may be disjointed and cause friction between the bones or harm the nerves within the bones.
Discs may be pinched or bulge – one side becoming flat and the other becoming enlarged outward – which is the most common form of lower back pain. It may require surgery if it is not treated on time.

Degeneration of bones as a result of everyday use as you age may be as worse. Education on how to reduce chances of Sciatica occurrence has been successful in curbing pain in many individuals.

In case you’re looking for a natural and drug-free back pain treatment option, don’t hesitate to reach our team of top rated Chiropractors. They have sufficient training in a range of methods, techniques of adjusting the spine and moving the structures right back into place thus relieving pain

Seek the help of our highly rated Chiropractors

Any of our Chiropractors will begin by asking you a series of questions and doing a range of examinations when you book an appointment with him/her. The chiropractor will create an individualized treatment plan once the source of the pain is located. Thereafter, our chiropractors will embark on the first adjustment series once you agree with the designed plan at hand. It is advisable to engage in a series of regular adjustments when seeing our Chiropractor so that the body works alongside the Chiropractor’s plan to heal itself. You will notice that your pain decreases gradually with several adjustments as your spine get realigned back in order. However, Chiropractic itself isn't a cure for low back pain. It is just a remedy that helps you see the results. For this reason, the results may be apparent immediately or after some time.