Teen Bedwetting

Teen Bedwetting

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No one thinks twice about a small child wetting the bed, but a teen? A person’s teenage years are awkward and tough enough without having to add a struggle with bedwetting on top of that. Luckily for parents of teens fighting the bedwetting battle, chiropractors have been successful in helping bedwetting in not only small children, but also in teens –without the use of drugs or surgery.

How Does a Chiropractor Help Teen Bedwetting?

Don’t think that chiropractors have no place when it comes to bedwetting because they do! Chiropractors work with the spine –the thing that protects the nervous system. The nervous system sends messages from the brain and helps control everything in the body including the operations of organs, movement of the muscles, and any senses that you feel (this includes the functioning of the bladder). Your teen relies on their nervous system to play sports, excel in school, and to do all of the things we know and love about teenagers. If the spine gets out of alignment, it can sometimes lead to pain, but it can also lead to your teen having issues with the traveling of messages that their brain is sending through their nervous system disrupting any one of these activities.

One message that can be blocked in the body is the alerting sensation of having to use the bathroom that would normally wake you up at night. (That painful pressure we all dread that wakes you out of your sleep and causes you to move out of the warmth of your bed –yeah that’s the one.) That is where a chiropractor comes in. A chiropractor can help to examine the spine and find possible misalignments that could be causing nervous system issues.

A Little Twisted

Since the spine has many bones that all fit and work together to protect the nervous system, that means there are many spaces that exist between those bones. Each bone in the spine is independent of one another and can move out of alignment in numerous combinations; even the slightest misalignment can cause trouble in the body. When you see a chiropractor, they can take x-rays or use other tools to see these misalignments of the bones and create a personalized plan to adjust your teen’s spine into a position that could relieve any pressure that might be putting strain on their nervous system.


The use of a chiropractor is not a cure for bedwetting by any means, however, it can greatly help. Due to the nature of the young body of a teenager, results can be seen in varied amounts of time. Some teenagers see results from treatment very quickly and others have a longer chiropractic journey before results are seen. Every body is different and the required number of adjustments for each person varies. Regular adjustments of the spine can help to get your teen feeling better not only when it comes to bedwetting, but can help to improve their mood too.

Sound Interesting?

If you think that a chiropractor might be able to help your teen stop wetting the bed set up a consultation today to get more information. Speaking with one of our Top Rated Chiropractors can help to answer any questions you may have and ease any reservations. Natural healing is always better for the body so why not explore options for your teen.

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