Scoliosis Braces

Scoliosis Braces

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Conventional treatments of scoliosis often include a specific type of brace engineered to treat the condition. While the newer versions of the braces are less cumbersome than their predecessors, they are still as troublesome and inconvenient to wear as ever.

Scoliosis Braces 101

Scoliosis is broadly defined as any abnormal curvature of the vertebrae. While the spine does have S-shape in a normal, healthy adult, it should always be perfectly aligned in vertical line when viewed from behind. More often than not, physicians do not understand what causes specific instances of scoliosis. Researchers have found that the condition is more prevalent in males than females and that not all instances of scoliosis are necessarily harmful. However, doctors are not able to tell when scoliosis will be definitely harmful. Conventional scoliosis treatments are often limited to either a wait-and-see approach, the use of braces, or going through surgical procedures.

A wait-and-see approach requires many x-rays to assess how the scoliosis is progressing. An abundance of x-rays can have side-effects due to the repeated exposure to radiation.

Secondary Effects of Scoliosis Braces

Contrary to popular belief, a scoliosis brace is not meant to realign the spine. It is actually used in an attempt to prevent the scoliosis from worsening the existing curve. Once an adolescent has reached adulthood, the spine has fully formed and then curve is hoped to be not too noticeable or harmful any longer.

There are a few variations in scoliosis braces. Broadly speaking, a scoliosis brace is fashioned out of rigid materials such as steel or plastic and is kept on the body constantly. The goal of a scoliosis brace is to avoid any worsening of the spinal curve. To do this, it must fit tightly on the body. Understandably, it is not comfortable to be strapped into a vice 24/7. It is often recommended to wear clothing underneath the brace to avoid it from rubbing against the skin, however, the skin can still often become painful and bruise. Moreover, wearing the brace in hot weather can be draining and in cold weather even more cumbersome than usual.

As was mentioned, a scoliosis brace has to be on the body constantly to work well, and for a teen just trying to shower in the morning, getting the brace on and off quickly can be an impossible task. To boot, most children are anxious about sticking out of the crowd and a large scoliosis brace does not help whatsoever.

Thankfully, there is a safe, natural, and effective alternative to scoliosis braces that work.

Treat Scoliosis with Chiropractic Care

The symptoms of severe scoliosis are well-documented and painful. When attempting to treat scoliosis, it makes sense to try to eliminate the root cause instead of just reaching for a stop-gap solution.

There have been amazing results in correcting scoliosis with one method that has proven itself effective in allowing children to avoid dangerous, painful surgeries and inconvenient braces.

Believe it or not, the treatment of scoliosis is an increasingly popular reason people go to see a chiropractor. This is because chiropractic has proven itself to be effective in solving the problem at the source. Chiropractors are not interested in a temporary solution, they are interested in healing your child. The science is clear - regular chiropractic care can treat scoliosis.

Chiropractors will rely on their expertise to adjust your child’s spinal column. When the spine is aligned, your child’s spinal muscles are able to better grow and strengthen. This results in a spine that can overcome the abnormal curvature of scoliosis and even restore normal growth.

A misalignment of any degree is enough to throw your child’s body out of balance, this leads to a breakdown in communication between the spine and the brain. This breakdown in communication can result in certain parts of the body not functioning at their peak, in the case of scoliosis it is the proper growth of the vertebrae and spinal column. The symptoms of scoliosis are simply your child’s body letting you know it is under pressure and needs help. Luckily, chiropractors are able to solve the problem through safe, natural adjustments to their spine.

If you think that chiropractic care is a good treatment option for your child’s scoliosis, contact one of our Top Rated Chiropractors today. Your child can avoid wearing a scoliosis brace if they start treatment early enough, so start your child’s treatment today!

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