Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica Symptoms

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The features of sciatica can vary wildly from individual to individual. From occasional aches and pains to debilitating symptoms, no two cases are quite the same. A typical case of sciatic pain originates in the lower back and makes its way down one side of the body. Staying in one position for too long tends to only exacerbate the pain. Moreover, any sudden movement can worsen the pain associated with sciatica. It is easy to see why, for many people, it seems there is no way out of experiencing these horrible sciatic symptoms.

The Symptoms of Sciatica

The usual signs of sciatica are as follows:

  • Numbness in the lower extremities
  • Zapping sensations
  • Fragility in the lower back

Sciatic on its own is not a specific disease. It is actually a conglomeration of different signs and symptoms that all originate from the impingement of the sciatic nerve, the longest in an individual’s body. The cause of this impingement can originate from many places. In fact, the list of possible causes can be as long as the list of the possible symptoms. A few possible ways an individual can irritate their sciatic nerve is through poor posture, poor sleeping positions, and poor exercise habits. The original impingement does not happen overnight. The back is usually quite resilient, however, a lifetime of bad habits can increase the wear and tear on the spine. An individual feels fine until finally, the back “gives out.”

It makes sense then why drugs and harsh procedures do little to solve the problem at the source. Unfortunately, that is the course of action most individuals take. This has led to sciatica pain becoming increasingly prevalent.

Worsening Sciatica

Many of the methods individuals use to alleviate their sciatica symptoms can actually worsen the problem. These include staying in bed, staying seated longer, or increasing the intensity of exercise regimens. However, as we’ve mentioned, sciatica is the source of years of poor habits. This means the problem cannot be solved with band-aid solutions that only attempt to mask the symptoms.

Sciatica Relief Without Medication

Conventional treatments for sciatic pain typically includes a heavy dose of drugs. Unfortunately, in an effort to find relief from their symptoms, many individuals tend to self-medicate. Over time, the body can become used to the drugs that only temporarily provide relief for sciatic nerve irritation. When the body becomes better at metabolizing the constant drugs they can eventually stop providing relief.

This phenomenon can start a vicious cycle where physicians prescribe stronger and harsher drugs to alleviate the crippling symptoms of sciatica. Eventually, an individual can be pushed as far as opting to undergo an unnecessary and dangerous surgery that could permanently cause nerve damage to their back. Luckily, there is a safe and natural solution that can permanently provide relief for sciatica symptoms.

Treating Sciatica Symptoms with Chiropractic Care

It is never fun dealing with the symptoms of sciatica pain. When it comes to trying to stop the symptoms once and for all, it makes sense to try to eliminate the root cause instead of just reaching for a stop-gap solution.

There have been amazing results in treating the source of sciatica symptoms with one method that has proven itself effective in allowing individuals to find lasting relief. These individuals also are able to leave their drugs behind once and for all!

Sciatica has always been a popular reason for why people go see a chiropractor. This is because chiropractic has proven itself to be effective in solving the problem at the source. Chiropractors are not interested in a temporary solution, they are interested in healing you. The science is clear - regular chiropractic care can treat sciatica leg pain.

Chiropractors will never give you a pill to stop your sciatica symptoms. Instead, they will rely on their expertise to adjust your spinal column. When the spine is aligned, your body is able to better facilitate healing. This occurs due to roadblocks being removed from your nervous system.

A misalignment of any degree is enough to throw your body out of balance, this leads to a breakdown in communication between the nervous system and the brain. This breakdown in communication can result in certain parts of the body not functioning at their peak, in the case of sciatica symptoms it is the central nervous system. The sciatica symptoms are simply your body letting you know it is under pressure and needs help. Luckily, chiropractors are able to solve the problem through safe, natural adjustments to your spine.

If you think that chiropractic care is a good treatment option for your sciatica symptoms, contact one of our Top Rated Chiropractors today. Relief for your symptoms is possible, so start your journey to relief today!

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