Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

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When you are suffering from low back pain, getting relief might be the only thing on your mind. You are probably experiencing pain when you stand, lie down, and sit –the pain seems to never stop. The worst part may be that you still have things you must do every day no matter how much pain you have. Most people automatically turn to medications for relief, however, noting is done to treat the source of your pain. If you are ready to find some long-term relief from your lower back pain, try an all-natural and drug free treatment option that has worked for millions.

What Is Causing Your Lower Back Pain?

The spine within your back houses a vital part of your body –the nervous system. The nervous system controls the functioning of the rest of the body. There are approximately 30 nerves that run along the spine and extend to the other parts of the body. These nerves may become irritated, pinched, or inflamed and send pain to various areas of the body. Additionally, when these nerves are not functioning properly, the messages that are sent from the brain become disrupted and can affect your body’s ability to work properly.

Curious what may be causing nerve irritation? The three main causes of this irritation include trauma from an accident or fall, degeneration that happen in the bones or muscles surrounding the spine, or when the cushiony discs between the vertebrae bulge. When this bulging of the disc takes place, the disc is pinched by the vertebrae and is pushed out to one side. The disc then puts pressure on the nerves surrounding the spine and pain results. These discs can become damaged from injury or due to age and the center of the disc leaks out and the disc essentially flattens and causes the bones to rub against one another. When you experience bone degeneration, which include conditions such as osteoarthritis, bones spurs may appear and reduce your motion in the affected area. Lastly, when you experience trauma, it may be the result of overexerting when twisting or lifting, not just when you are in an accident.

Is Relief for Low Back Pain Possible?

There are several different treatment options that are traditionally used include medications, bed rest, exercises that target the area in pain, and surgery. These options don’t solve the problem that is causing your pain, but rather temporarily mask the symptoms of your pain. When you use treatments, such as exercises, you actually make the problem worse by overexerting the muscles. The other end of the treatment spectrum, bed rest, is also harmful and can result in your muscles weakening. Surgery is a very permanent option for treatment where bones are removed or transfused together. Many who choose surgery as a treatment option experience pain again a few years after the initial surgery and some end up in surgery again.

Don’t be discouraged that you will never find relief. There is an all-natural treatment option that has been successful for many struggling with back pain around the world. If you are interested in seeing if chiropractic care is a good treatment for your low back pain, contact one of our Top Rated Chiropractors to set up a consultation. During the appointment, our chiropractors will begin by asking you a series of health questions and will perform a series of examinations. Once the source of your pain is identified, an individualized treatment plan will be designed for you. If you both agree that chiropractic care can help relieve your pain, the first in a series of adjustments will take place. Chiropractic care is not right for everyone and results will be seen at different times for each individual.

If you feel that chiropractic care may be right in treating your lower back pain, call one of our Top Rated Chiropractors to get started. Relief is possible without the use of surgery or harmful drugs!

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