How Does High Blood Sugar Develop?

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Why do people develop high blood sugar or uncontrolled blood sugar? This is known to most as diabetes type two or onset. I’ve noticed that many people view diabetes as a disease but diabetes is simply the result of an unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle. In other words, diabetes doesn’t just selectively choose who it’s going to attack. Any human being on the planet is susceptible to diabetes if they live intemperate unbalanced lifestyles.

Problems With a High Fat Diet

One of the things that people do is eat high-fat diet. For too long sugar has been taking the blame for why people become diabetic. Sugar is actually very easy molecule for the body to burn. Fat however, is not. Fat is very difficult for the body to burn and delete so the body stores the fat. High fat diets are much more to blame for the cause of diabetes and high sugar diets. Another thing that adds to people becoming diabetic is the fact that they’re not getting enough sleep. When the body doesn’t get enough sleep or rest, the organs don’t function properly including the pancreas.

The pancreas cannot produce insulin the way it should. The pancreas produces insulin the best upon exercise and cardio vascular exertion. If you’re going to eat a big heavy meal, especially one with lots of fat, it’s best to do it an hour before exercising so that the body can properly digest the food. Unfortunately, what people do is eat large, heavy, fatty meals late at night right before they go to sleep. Then the body has to contend with all that heavy food in a state of rest when it’s not prepared to handle such a heavy load of food. Another problem is that the blood thickens when it’s not properly hydrated. This makes it difficult for the insulin to circulate and lower the sugar.

Proper Hydration and Blood Sugar Regulation

One of the easiest ways to fix that is by drinking more water and staying hydrated if properly hydrated blood can move the insulin much easier through the blood and regulate the sugar properly. One of the biggest problems that people have is that instead of drinking water when they feel thirsty they drink sugary beverages. Now the sugary beverage has done twice the damage because first, it adds more sugar in the blood. The second thing is that it will thicken the blood and make it even harder for the insulin to do what it supposed to do.

Diabetes does not pick and choose who was going to attack randomly diabetes. It is simply the result of an unbalanced and intemperate lifestyle. More and more studies are showing that a migration away from animal products in the diet is a much healthier diet. Eating a plant-based diet has been shown to improve circulation restore and regenerate the body and lengthen human lifespan. A plant-based diet is not only better for humans but also better for animals and the environment as a whole. The reason that a plant-based diet is so much healthier is because animal-based products such as meat and dairy have exorbitant amounts of protein in them that when ingested make the body‘s pH to be more acidic. In addition animal tissue is much more difficult to digest and break down. Plant-based proteins are much cleaner and easier to digest and do not make the body‘s pH levels acidic.

Another issue as of late with animal-based products is the hormones used to grow and raise the animals. These hormones are dangerous to human consumption and act as toxins once ingested. Besides the animals having artificial hormones are also fed a diet that is not healthy for them instead of eating grass cows are fed genetically modified corn. This also causes health problems in the cow which are then passed on to the human. By simply making a few modifications to your lifestyle you can prevent or at least minimize a plethora of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer just to name a few.

Benefits You May Experience

Some of the benefits that you will experience include more energy, younger looking skin, less joint pain, decrease in excess weight, increased blood flow throughout the entire body, clearer thinking, more balanced emotions, and studies have even shown that people who stick to a plant-based diet are happier and people who do not. The evidence for being healthy is overwhelming and incredibly simple to follow. Where modern medicine once thought that the origin of disease was unknown or even to be blamed on genetics, research is starting to confirm that a temperate and balanced lifestyle is the blueprint for optimal health.

As humans we should make a concerted effort to be as responsible as we can by not only taking care of our own health but in preserving our natural resources and doing what’s in the best interest of our planet so that it can still be for future generations to come.