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Focus on Wellness

I have been a licensed healing professional for 32 years now. It is my opinion that us doctors should play a vital role in helping people to create and sustain vibrant, robust health; not just reduce a nagging symptom to get you through the day. Yes, we help people when they are very sick or hurt with some injury, but why not efforts and practices to keep people at peak functional health?

People ask me from time to time 'what are the basic essentials for building and sustaining great health'? Well, over the years, I have simplified my list to just 8 things. I call it The Gr8 Eight!

The Gr8 Eight - Basic Essentials for Great Health

First and foremost is God! You cannot have an intelligent discussion about healing and not recognize a power that is beyond our comprehension. Tissue healing is truly a miracle. There is such intelligence just innately built into the body!

#2 is Light. Photons are a must for living things! The role of the Sun for healing enhancement has been written about for thousands of years. Just look what light does for the plant world! Photosynthesis even produces the oxygen that benefits us humans. Focused light, like that of the cold laser, accelerates healing and helps cells communicate more efficiently.

#3 is Air. We humans don’t last too long without quality air! Oxygen, as you know, is so essential for most cellular functions in the body. And don’t forget the Nitrogen! I recommend a daily deep breathing habit for just 3 minutes. Exercise just may be the best medicine you will ever take. Many professional papers conclude that deep breathing and exercise delay the onset of dementia.

#4 is Water. Is there a chemical reaction in the body that does not utilize H2O? Water is the universal solvent, and we would perish in a short time without it. Nature’s finest water exists in the fresh fruits and vegetables. Please do your best to stay clear of the sweet drinks like soda pop. Yes, it takes big discipline. Junk is around every corner in the Western world.

#5 is Food Nutrients. I have realized that so many processed items out there are tasty, but they are not even food at all! Many are empty in nutrient value that the body can use. Why eat in the first place? Isn’t it all about fuel for the body? Taste and presentation make the front page. What a shame! Animal and plant cells provide the only real food sources for the body. Processed items that last on the shelf for years do not cut it. Many people try to exist on crackers, cookies, cereal, and soda. Look around! Can there be any doubt that we have a significant obesity and overall health problem in the Western world?

#6 is Peace. Ah, the state of silent, trusting calm. Peace is where the healing gold lies! When the mind finally stops shaking, the body cells can really settle and renew. Cleansing the mind is essential for healing and peak function. Norman Vincent Peale, the celebrated spiritual writer said that we all should ‘Go Limp’ once per day, and not try to control anything. This does take courage and trust to let it all go to the limp state. Give it a try, I think you will benefit. We must stop the stimuli into the mind regularly! Overload is a real thing. A muscle can’t go day and night. Neither can the mind.

#7 is Movement. The human machine was made to move. We have got to squeeze the impurities out on a daily basis. The kidneys, the bowels, the sweat glands and the lungs are the 4 ways out of the body. All of these systems will benefit from daily movement. Exercise will keep muscle on the body, and experts agree that muscle tone increase will help the body fight off disease. No, you don’t have to join the Gym. You would be amazed just what your home has to offer for strength training. Taking a strong, brisk walk every day is one of the easiest and more beneficial things we can do.

#8 is Sleep. I am talking about a deep, renewing REM sleep. We are said to be a horribly sleep deprived nation. You just can’t cheat nature and win. For every up there must be a down! We must shut down the body for at least 7 hours a night for energy renewal. Yes, there are exceptions. Please make sure that you are in darkness when you sleep, and get that TV out of the bedroom. The flickering light and the sound steal deep rest from the brain. The stimulus is just too much! The Yin and the Yang of life cycles is a must for success. Please respect this principle.

There you have it! The Great 8. Simple, yes. But it sure does take discipline to keep these 8 habits going in your life. If you do have questions or need clarification, please contact me. I’d love to try and help you. Oh, there is no particular order in which these 8 things must be done. But, you can’t do 2 or 3 of these to be successful. All 8 are essential. They feed off one another very well.

Yours in health,

Dr. Luke Sakalosky