Flu Season Facts

Flu Season Facts

Flu Season Facts

As of February 15, 2020, in the U.S. there have been approximately 16,000 people that have died from the flu virus.

As for the Corona virus, out of the 60 total cases reported by the CDC as of March, 2 there have been TWO DEATHS in the U.S. Both of whom had other health issues. The latest was in a nursing home.

A declining trend in China, and limited spread outside of China, can be attributed to two things :

  • A very large percentage of people that tested positive for coronavirus, have absolutely no signs or symptoms of the infection. This, in itself, shows the weakness of the virus. The stronger the virus, the more people that get infected, and the more people that show signs and symptoms.

If the virus was stronger, there would be a lot fewer people not showing any signs or symptoms of the illness, and a much greater percentage of the total persons infected showing full blown symptoms of infection, and there would be a lot more people dying.

  • Quick action by the CDC and other health organizations worldwide. (Quarantines, etc.)

BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER: I’m not giving any medical advice. I’m merely stating an opinion. If you would like to do what I do to enhance immune system function, please do so at your own risk.

Thank you to Dr. Marion Maloof, a Chiropractor in Lawrenceville, GA, for providing this insightful article on the Flu Season Facts. To learn more, give his team a call at (770) 923-1111.

What can I do to protect myself?

All the usual stuff that you should do during flu season anyway. Wash your hands, stay hydrated and well rested. Eat sensible, nutritious, natural foods. Most importantly, don’t kiss anyone you don’t know !!

Chiropractic care has been researched time and time again, and has been shown to increase the body’s defenses by reducing nerve stress, increasing nervous system function, thereby increasing resistance to bad bugs, and greatly reduce sick days.

If you haven’t been seen by us in a while, you should get your alignment checked.

The use of traditional hand sanitizers with alcohol actually do more to dry out and crack skin, making you more vulnerable to infection. That’s correct. A false sense of security.

Here’s something you can do.

Colloidal silver is a very effective immune system booster when taken internally. It can also be applied externally as a highly effective homemade hand sanitizer. Or, both.  I’m not telling you how to dose colloidal silver. What I’m telling you is how I’ve always done it.  This was helpful in keeping my entire family off of antibiotics for years. I’m the father of three girls, now women.

The entire time they all lived under my roof, I had ONE child on antibiotics ONE TIME !!

In the millions of safe uses of silver, there was one poor fellow that turned himself blue. That’s the story put all over the internet by the pharmaceutical companies that want you to be using their antibiotics, not helping yourself.

He was mixing the silver with salt water that formed a silver chloride molecule that was too big for the kidneys to pass. So, it built up in his system.

Just to be completely safe, just don’t mix it with anything. Take it by itself, with nothing else 15 minutes before or after. The small ion size makes the 10-30 PPM (parts per million) silver safe and effective.

The way I’ve always dosed internally it as is follows:

Silver Biotics brand Colloidal Silver (10-30 PPM concentration) at the Vitamin Shoppe. Spend the $$ for the big bottle and keep it around. You can get other brands, but this brand I trust. It’s of excellent quality and consistently has worked for me with no issues.

For internal use: When flu season begins is the best time to start. Get a one ounce spray bottle, fill it up and get two sprays under the tongue every two hours.

For external use: When mixed one ounce colloidal silver with 6-8 drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil. You can vary the drops of tea tree oil more or less to suit your preference.

Spray on your hands several times per day for a superb biological barrier that really works and won’t dry your skin out. Anti-bacterial AND anti-viral !!

For best defense: Use internal AND external methods together !!

Fear in the media generates higher ratings, and that means more people watch, and the more money the media make.

Follow the money, and don’t feed into the fear !!

I hope this adds some perspective. Helping you stay healthy this flu season !!

Yours in health,

Dr. Marion J. Maloof

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