Colic Relief

Colic Relief

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For parents who have a child that is suffering from the effects of colic life, at times, may seem like it couldn’t be harder. If you had a child in the past who suffered from colic you know the feeling! Many of the remedies that are traditionally used for colic treatment make no change in the behavior of your baby while others are loaded with chemicals that may have dangerous side effects. Don’t worry because there is something that can help. Our Top Rated Chiropractors can offer a treatment to help your baby’s colic symptoms disappear.

Home Remedies Provide No Colic Relief

Every time that you experience your baby suffering from a colic episode it can make your heart sink because you can’t soothe them. All of the home remedies –which may have included white noise, noise reducing equipment, setting your baby’s seat on top of the running dryer, frequent feedings, reducing feedings, rocking, driving the baby around in the car, or running the vacuum –that you might have tried have failed. The crying never stops!
You might have even brought your child to the doctor who prescribed an over the counter medication to help relieve your baby’s pain. Did those work –probably not. And what about all of the possible side effects that could be adding to your baby’s extreme pain? If have exhausted all of the options for treating your baby’s colic and are ready to try something that works, read on.

Try a Natural Treatment That Works

You’re not alone if the side effects from the traditional medications that are usually used to treat colic pain make you nervous. If you had to choose either prescription medication or a natural treatment plan, would you even have to think about it? Hopefully you would choose the natural solution for treating your baby’s colic symptoms.

We have a wide range of chiropractors scattered across the US that are all well versed in treating the pain that your baby is suffering from colic. Relief is possible for both you and your baby.

The Spine Is the Key

Your baby’s nervous system, which is housed in the spine, can become irritated during the course of the birth process. During this process, a baby’s body is experiencing great amounts of pressure. In some of the more difficult births, the use of forceps may be necessary which heightens the pressure put on the baby’s body. The bones within the neck and spine can easily become misaligned which puts pressure on the nervous system. When pressure is placed on this system, the messages that are sent from the brain to the rest of the body can become intercepted or interrupted. This can cause various parts of the body to not function as properly as they were intended to.

There is much discussion about what the actual cause of colic is, however, chiropractic care has been effective for some parents helping their baby’s to find relief from their symptoms.

Chiropractors Have Had Success Treating Colic

If you have reservations about taking your child to receive chiropractic care then you are not alone, most people think that chiropractors only treat adults. In reality, chiropractors treat people of all ages for a large number of varying conditions. Our Top Rated Chiropractors are very gently and have extensive training who have much knowledge about treating infants. Call one of our chiropractors today to set up a consultation to speak about your child’s colic symptoms. They will not only provide reassurance that relief for your baby is possible, but they will additionally work with you to create an all-natural and individualized treatment plan to help your baby.

What NOT To Do

There are many people who may try to get you to try various at home health remedies to treat your baby’s colic. Out of those suggestions, there are definitely some things that you should not try with your baby:

  • You shouldn’t blame yourself for the pain that your baby may be feeling. There is no way that you caused your baby to get colic and you are not a bad parent for your child having it.
  • There is eventually and end to colic, it will not last forever. Don’t be afraid to take breaks and get a babysitter to give you some relief – take some time for yourself.
  • No matter how irritated, frustrated, or hopeless that your baby’s endless crying might make you feel, never ever ever shake a baby! When you shake a baby the child may suffer from permanent brain damage or possibly death. Take and break and maybe call someone to come help you. Your mental health is just as important as your child’s health. Regain your control before you return to your baby.

If you are unsure if chiropractic care is right for your baby suffering from colic, schedule a consultation with one of our Top Rated Chiropractors today to talk about your child’s needs. Relief is possible so take the first step to relieve your child’s pain today!

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