Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Neck Pain

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If you are one of the many suffering from chronic neck pain, you might be trying to ignore your pain as you go about your day, with little or no luck. The pain, soreness, limited mobility, and stiffness can last for weeks at a time and can disrupt your daily activities. The pain that you might be feeling can range from severe to mild and seems to persist over an extended period of time. Most traditional treatment options use medications and drugs to temporarily reduce your symptoms –unfortunately, these medications can cause harmful side effects. If there was a way to relieve your neck pain in a safe and all-natural way? Keep reading!

What Causes Neck Pain?

Most neck pain is caused by stress, not a serious issue. There are three types of stress that each person experiences daily; these include physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress. Emotional stress is the grief, worry, or sadness that you experience due to work, children, or money issues. When you have these feelings, your muscles that are located in your back and neck tighten and clench unconsciously. Physical stress can occur from overuse of the same muscles, sleeping in an awkward position, or maintaining an improper posture which can also cause problems in your neck. Chemical stress is caused by eating or inhaling toxins such as, preservatives, tobacco, or medications. These toxins can have harmful effects on your nervous system functioning properly and on your muscle tone development.

Any of these stresses can cause your neck muscles to contract and puts uncomfortable pressure on the bones that exist there. This pressure can push the vertebrae out of position and cause problems with your nervous system and create pain. If your pain persists it may become chronic. A few other causes of neck pain might include, misalignments in the main neck joint, bone spurs cause by arthritis, bulging discs, or disc degeneration. In all of these instances, the nervous system is interfered with and irritation and pain happen in the neck.

Traditional Treatments for Chronic Neck Pain

Traditional treatments used by medical professionals to treat chronic neck pain focus on managing the pain. When you manage pain you are not fixing the source of your pain, but rather live with the problem and try to keep the pain tolerable with the use of drugs. Drugs and prescription medications can have harmful side effects and can cause other problems within your body. Don’t be discouraged because there is a treatment option that is all-natural and doesn’t require drugs!

Chiropractic Care – An Alternative Treatment Option

Our Top Rated Chiropractors use gentle and precise maneuvers to adjust any misalignments that are present in the spine and help the body to heal itself. Helping to heal the source of neck pain is one of the top three things that people see chiropractors for. Millions have found relief from chronic neck pain with chiropractic care.
Set up a consultation with one of our Top Rated Chiropractors today. They will ask you a series of health related question and examinations to help find the source of your chronic neck pain.

Our chiropractors understand that you may be frustrated with your chronic pain and that finding relief is important to your daily life. If you and your chiropractor both feel that chiropractic care is a good treatment option for your chronic neck pain, an individualized treatment plan will be made for your specific needs. Next our Top Rated Chiropractors will administer the first in a series of gentle and precise adjustments to get your treatment started. Results from treatment are not guaranteed and each person experiences relief at different times. For some relief may be felt after the first few visits, while for others, relief takes several visits.

Chronic neck pain is not something that you need to live with. Relief is possible in an all-natural way that does not require the use of harmful drugs. Call one of our Top Rated Chiropractors today to begin your journey to a life without chronic neck pain today!

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