Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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If you have been battling the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome for years, I am sure you have searched far and wide for lasting relief. Hopefully, you have not turned to the most drastic method of alleviating your carpal tunnel syndrome - going under the knife. If you have avoided medical procedures in attempting to get rid of your carpal tunnels syndrome - you are in luck. There is an effective way to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome without having to visit a surgeon.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

After visiting a physician endlessly and going through a motley of prescriptions in the search of carpal tunnel syndrome relief, it can be tempting to just try and tell a surgeon to just pull out whatever he needs to. However, carpal tunnel release surgery is not without its risks. For the most part, the dangers of electing to have a carpal tunnel release surgery come with the fact that it only deals with the symptoms of the syndrome without solving the issue at the source.

Not only that but having surgery means:

  • Missing time at your job
  • Attending rehab
  • Cleaning your surgical wounds regularly
  • Possible permanent nerve damage

Even worse, for a significant number of individuals who elect to go under the knife, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome simply return.

Source of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A common misconception about carpal tunnel syndrome is that it is the result of overusing the joints. This is probably because the symptoms are felt when using the hands vigorously. However, the human hand is resilient and it is not normal for it to be crippled by simply scrolling through the internet.

The real source of carpal tunnel syndrome is when the muscle tissues in the crevices in between your hand become swollen and inflamed. When this happens, your hand is not able to achieve its normal range of motion. As a result, the other muscles in the hand have to work harder to accomplish simple tasks and struggle outside of their comfort zone. This can lead to impingements in the nerves and eventually result in the crippling symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is clear when one understands how carpal tunnel syndrome works, why surgery does little to correct the problem. Thankfully, there is a safe, effective, and natural method of treating carpal tunnel syndrome that lasts!

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Chiropractic Care

It is never fun dealing with the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. When it comes to trying to stop the symptoms once and for all, it makes sense to try to eliminate the root cause instead of just reaching for a stop-gap solution.

There have been amazing results in treating the source of carpal tunnel syndrome with one method that has proven itself effective in allowing individuals to find lasting relief. These individuals also are able to leave their drugs behind once and for all!

Carpal tunnel syndrome has always been a popular reason for why people go see a chiropractor. This is because chiropractic has proven itself to be effective in solving the problem at the source. Chiropractors are not interested in a temporary solution, they are interested in healing you. The science is clear - regular chiropractic care can treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractors will never give you a pill to stop your carpal tunnel syndrome. Instead, they will rely on their expertise to adjust your spinal column. When the spine is aligned, your body is able to better facilitate healing. This occurs due to roadblocks being removed from your nervous system.

A misalignment of any degree is enough to throw your body out of balance, this leads to a breakdown in communication between the nervous system and the brain. This breakdown in communication can result in certain parts of the body not functioning at their peak, in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome it is the central nervous system. The carpal tunnel syndrome is simply your body letting you know it is under pressure and needs help. Luckily, chiropractors are able to solve the problem through safe, natural adjustments to your spine.

If you think that chiropractic care is a good treatment option for your carpal tunnel syndrome, contact one of our Top Rated Chiropractors today. Relief for your symptoms is possible, so start your journey to relief today!

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