Car Accident Chiropractic Care in Highlands Ranch

Car Accident Chiropractic Care in Highlands Ranch

car accident chiropractic care

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Many people often wonder what you should do for your body after a car accident. There are many variables that need to be considered before we can answer that question. Obviously, how severe what your accident? In emergency situations, you will most likely be transported to a hospital by ambulance where they can do any proper testing such as x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, neurological testing, etc.

Fortunately, most car accidents are not that severe. No broken bones, no concussions or head traumas, and nothing major besides some definite aches, pains, whiplashed muscles and headaches. You probably even drove yourself home after your fender bender. Unfortunately, as a Chiropractor, I know most pain, tension, tightness, headaches, and other symptoms will actually appear a couple of days to a few weeks after the motor vehicle accident. This is just the way the human body works sometimes.

This is where our Chiropractic clinic in Highlands Ranch, CO can help. Dr. Nick Caras has been treating car accident patients, minor and major, since 2004. Premier Chiropractic has all the tools to help your body get back to where it was prior to the accident. Below you will find a lot of information on how we treat patients though chiropractic adjustments and modalities as well as how our staff processes motor vehicle accident claims and deals with all insurance issues for you. Our job is to make your life as easy as possible while trying to heal from this traumatic event. The last thing you need to worry about is car insurances, at-fault party insurances, personal injury lawyers, liens and other headaches that come along with coping with car accident claims. You worry about healing and getting back to normal life, and we at Premier Chiropractic will handle the rest.

Treatments following a car accident or motor vehicle accident

Dr. Nick Caras will first perform a thorough health history, consultation, examination. We will ask questions like how the accident happened such as did the airbags deploy, was your seatbelt on, did you see the accident coming, and what were the types of vehicles involved. Other things that are helpful are how much damage was done to the vehicles that were involved and pictures always help as well. Then, we can dive into the symptoms you felt immediately after the car accident as well as over the next 24 hours to 3-4 weeks. All these questions are relevant to how we are going to devise a chiropractic treatment plan specific to your needs. Remember, our goal is to get you back to feeling as normal as possible as quickly as possible.

Once we have a health history and examination complete, then we can start treating you. We will obviously start with chiropractic adjustments to the spine and any involved extremities, but we do not stop there. We can add in traction therapy for very tight muscles and tendons. We will teach you some at home exercises and/or icing & heating instructions. If we think you could benefit from at home stretching or massage therapy, we will prescribe that as well. Once you start to feel a little better, we will most likely start you on a very specific physical therapy regime here in the office so you can strengthen any body area that was injured in the accident. In extreme cases, we will also use Cold Laser Therapy in the office. Laser therapy helps decrease inflammation in muscles and joints. Cold laser therapy also helps the healing process of different tissues and structures that were injured in the car accident. Dr. Caras states, “Cold Laser has been game-changing in how quickly we can get patients feeling better and recovered after these major accidents and traumas.”

Through all these different therapies, we are able to help all sorts of accidents and injuries and are very confident in our techniques. After seeing thousands of patients throughout the years, Premier Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch has become the clinic to go to following a car accident.

Headache Free Billing and Car Insurance

Most people in Colorado and Highlands Ranch will have something called Med-Pay attached to their car insurance policy. This means you automatically have medical coverage following an accident whether it was your fault or someone else. At Premier Chiropractic, we handle all this for you. Simply bring in your policy or claim number and we will handle the rest for you. If you are using a personal injury lawyer for your car accident, we will work with them and send all of our treatment notes, diagnosis, and medical codes so they can handle the case for you. Again, all we want you to focus on is getting healthy, back to work, and enjoying life again.

The reason Premier Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch is known as the best Chiropractic office to see following a car accident is mainly because of our experience. From our specific treatments to our front desk staff, we have you covered from start to finish.

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