Back Pain Exercises

Back Pain Exercises

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Curious if back pain exercises help relieve back pain? Back pain is one of the most common things that cause people to miss work. Traditional treatments work to treat your symptoms, but don’t address what is causing your back pain. Is physical therapy a good alternative treatment for your back pain?

Parts of the Back & Back Exercises

The back, which houses the spine, is made up of several pieces that interlock and work together to provide different functions. First, there are the vertebrae which are the major bones that contain the nervous system. Secondly, there are discs which can be described as a substance that resembles a cushion and exists between the vertebrae pieces. Throughout all of the components exist muscles, nerves, and tendons which is why pain is felt when any one of these pieces is not in its correct place. The vertebrae can fall out of alignment and can cause friction between the bones or pinch the nerves that exists within the bones. Discs can become pinched or bulge –flattening on one side and becoming enlarged on the other –which is one of the more common types of back pain often resulting in surgery if not treated early enough. Degeneration of the bones from everyday use that happens during ageing can cause most of the issues that result in back pain.


There are three types of stresses that you experience every day that can contribute to your back pain: chemical stress, emotional stress, and physical stress. The combination of these stresses can cause you to clench your muscles creating tension in your back that can lead to pain. Chemical stress is stress placed on the body from chemicals and toxins that are ingested or inhaled from the environment. Those who live in cities or who are exposed to chemicals during their work day suffer from this type of stress more because their exposure is much greater in a day. Physical stress is a result of using certain muscles groups repeatedly, such as bending over a desk all day, and combined with the high levels of anxiety experienced from emotional stress, daily life can take a toll on your body and manifest in neck pain. Middle age adults experience these stressors more than other age groups because of the life challenges usually faced in this life stage. Trauma from accidents or falling can also cause physical stress to take a part in the manifestation of neck pain which may result in disc degeneration in the neck.

Traditional Treatments and Physical Therapy

Some traditional treatments prescribed to relieve your back pain may include surgery, medications, and bed rest. These can actually make your pain worse, and the pain relief is usually temporary.

How good of a treatment options is physical therapy exercises? Physical therapy seems like a good option in theory: it is avoiding medications and surgery which could have harmful side effects. In reality however, physical therapy is not the best option. Building muscle within your back, which is the purpose of physical therapy, doesn’t help to correct any misalignments that exist in the back which are causing your pain. Additionally, overexertion of the affected area can make the problem worse. Moderate amounts of exercise and rest is the best combination to manage your back pain. Even better than managing the pain is relief, keep reading for more about eliminating your back pain with an all-natural and drug-free treatment option.

Choose Chiropractic Care

Take the first steps on your journey to a pain free life by scheduling a consultation with one of our Top Rated Chiropractors. Our chiropractors want to talk to you about your pain to find a treatment that is right for you. The treatments are natural and all of our chiropractors are highly educated about various techniques that include nutrition, manual adjustments, and health technology. Chiropractic is an alternative health treatment and has millions of patients worldwide. It is one of the most used alterative health treatment. Even better, chiropractic treatments are covered by many insurances.

Chiropractors address the cause of your symptoms not just the symptoms themselves. Our Top Rated Chiropractors are educated about how precise and gentle adjustments could help you. Each treatment is unique and tailored towards the needs of the individual. Each person is unique so why shouldn’t your treatment be unique too? Our Top Rated Chiropractors may use a combination of nutrition, equipment, and manual adjustments to treat your needs. First our chiropractors will have a consultation with you to discuss your needs. The chiropractor will then use x-rays and other techniques to examine your spine to determine if chiropractic is the best treatment. Chiropractic is not a cure and you should not assume treatment will work. The results of treatment differ with each individual.

Chiropractic care is a better treatment option than physical exercises in treating you back pain. If you feel that chiropractic care could work for your back pain contact one of our Top Rated Chiropractors today!

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