Back and Leg Pain

Back and Leg Pain

Chiropractic Care For Athletes

If you are currently suffering from back and leg pain, this may be an indication that there is a bigger problem within your body. Recognizing this is the easy part –figuring out what that problem might be is harder. Finding relief from this pain may rely entirely on finding this alternative problem. How do you know where to look? Chiropractic care might the first step to help you start your journey to relief.

Where Does Your Back and Leg Pain Originate?

Commonly, if you are finding that you are struggling with severe pain in both your legs and back, the problem can be found in the lower back. There are several issues that can lead to nerve irritation and inflammation in this area. These can include, bulging discs and bone spurs, both of which press on the nerves within the spine in this lower back area. Pressure on the spine in this area in particular, can cause you to feel tingling and numbness that may encompass your legs, back, and buttocks. The sciatic nerve, which runs down from the lower back through the leg, might be compressed in this area –this is referred to as sciatica. If the sciatic nerve is not affected, the irritation may be happening in other nerves including the cauda equina nerve roots.

What are Possible Treatment Options?

Treating back and leg pain can involve a number of treatment options. These may include:

  • Engaging in physical therapy treatments
  • The use of medications
  • Undergoing surgery
  • Bed rest

All of these treatment options are working to help health the symptoms that you are experiencing and don’t address the cause of your symptoms. Some of these treatments can actually end up making your symptoms worse –bed rest can actually cause the irritation and pain that you are experiencing to increase. Now don’t take that to mean you should do the extreme opposites of those treatments, over exerting yourself and ignoring your pain is not the way to treat the problem either. The use of medications to treat your pain will only mask the pain and will only provide temporary relief.

Physical therapy might work for some, but it can increase the irritation within your muscles. Lastly, surgery changes your body in a way that is irreversible and can result in having bones fused or even removed. Some find that surgery worsens their pain or creates additional problems for them later on.

Why Are You Experiencing Leg and Back Pain?

There are several things that might contribute to common leg and back pain. These may include:

  • Aging – bone degeneration and disc degeneration can result from the long-term use that happens with age. This can happen when one reaches their forties.
  • Illness – some sicknesses can contribute to leg and back pain due to the hindrance on the nervous system
  • Sedentary lifestyle – having a lifestyle that is too lacking in motion can be just as bad as overexerting the body
  • Work – jobs that require repeated heavy lifting or twisting can cause pain

Leg and back pain has caused so many people to miss work, it is the second most common reason for sick days, following closely behind having a cold. The pain can be overwhelming and is not a result of a traumatic physical event. This pain happens over time; the body may suffer from a problem within the spinal area and initially it may compensate for the issue. The body adapts to things such as overweight, sedentary lifestyles, lacking of muscle, poor posture, and over exertion that we might be facing on a daily basis. Eventually the body cannot withstand these things and a simple motion that we do every day can spark leg and back pain. There is another treatment that is natural and works with your body to help heal your problems.

Choose Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has proved to be extremely successful to help alleviate the cause and symptoms of leg and back pain. Chiropractors are able to examine the lower back and find areas that are not properly aligned. These areas are not able to move correctly and nerve pain is the result. Our Top Rated Chiropractors can find these problems and realign your spinal issues to treat your leg and back pain.

Take the first steps on your journey to a pain free life by scheduling a consultation with one of our Top Rated Chiropractors. Our chiropractors want to talk to you about your pain to find a treatment that is right for you. The treatments are natural and all of our chiropractors are highly educated about various techniques that include nutrition, manual adjustments, and health technology. Chiropractic is an alternative health treatment and has millions of patients worldwide. It is one of the most used alterative health treatment. Even better, chiropractic treatments are covered by many insurances.

What to Expect When Seeing a Top Rated Chiropractor

During your first visit our chiropractors will want to discuss your back and leg pain symptoms. They will ask many questions and use several tools to physically examine you so that they may be able to better treat your specific problem. Each individual is unique and not all treatments work for everyone.

With your input, our Top Rated Chiropractors will come up with a treatment plan that you both feel comfortable with. Some people will see results with back and leg pain after a few adjustments while others will need a more developed plan to help relieve their pain.

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