ADHD Treatments

ADHD Treatments

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known by its acronym ADHD, is the most prevalent pediatric medical condition. There are millions of kids across the country taking drugs that alter the way their brains operate in an attempt to suppress the symptoms of ADHD. The problem with these drugs is that they are relatively new and the side effects that may occur due to their prolonged use is unknown and potentially dangerous.

Luckily, there are other methods of attempting to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD that do not include the use of harsh medications that may harm the brain in an irreparable manner. Parents deserve to understand their options when it comes to treating ADHD.

Using Medication for ADHD Treatment

A common method for combatting the symptoms of ADHD is to use psychoactive medications at regular intervals. The drugs can be taken regularly throughout the day or once daily depending on the prescription. The medications work primarily by acting as a stimulant in the child’s brain, enhancing their focus.

There has been positive success in diminishing the typical features of ADHD using these drugs, allowing kids to perform better in school and improving their social skills with other children.

Sometimes the ADHD prescriptions are supplemented with antidepressants if the ADHD drugs on their own are not enough to improve the child’s symptoms.

Using Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

Not all children are able to handle the intense nature of the common types of ADHD medications. As such, behavioral therapy is usually looked at as the next course of action.

Interestingly, this type of behavioral therapy is more focused on teaching the child’s elders methods of encouraging children with ADHD. By using certain forms of positive reinforcement, children with ADHD may be able to better handle and overcome their symptoms.

Treating ADHD with an Improved Diet

Another avenue of treatment for ADHD gaining steam is centered on improving a child’s diet. It is believed that a malnourished child not receiving the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals may be more susceptible to the symptoms of their ADHD.

There are some cases where a dietician has been able to find certain “trigger” foods that exacerbate the symptoms of ADHD.

Treating ADHD with Chiropractic Care

It is never fun dealing with the symptoms of ADHD, whether you are a parent or child. When it comes to trying to stop the symptoms once and for all, it makes sense to try to eliminate the root cause instead of just reaching for a stop-gap solution.

There have been amazing results in treating the source of ADHD with one method that has proven itself effective in allowing children to find lasting relief. These children also are able to leave their drugs behind once and for all!

Believe it or not, ADHD has become an increasingly popular reason for why people go see a chiropractor. This is because chiropractic has proven itself to be effective in solving the problem at the source. Chiropractors are not interested in a temporary solution, they are interested in healing you. The science is clear - regular chiropractic care can treat ADHD.

Chiropractors will never give you a pill to stop your child’s ADHD. Instead, they will rely on their expertise to adjust your child’s spinal column. When the spine is aligned, your child’s body is able to better facilitate healing. This occurs due to roadblocks being removed from your child’s nervous system.

A misalignment of any degree is enough to throw your child’s body out of balance, this leads to a breakdown in communication between the nervous system and the brain. This breakdown in communication can result in certain parts of the body not functioning at their peak, in the case of ADHD it is the central nervous system. The ADHD is simply your body letting your child know it is under pressure and needs help. Luckily, chiropractors are able to solve the problem through safe, natural adjustments to your child’s spine.

If you think that chiropractic care is a good treatment option for your child’s ADHD, contact one of our Top Rated Chiropractors today. Relief for your child’s symptoms is possible, so start your child’s journey to relief today!

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