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Why Chiropractic?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Chiropractic Care
This article was written by Dr. Cally Parks of Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center. They have a team of top-rated chiropractors in Richmond, VA, that includes Dr. Carmen Johanning, Dr. Kimberly McCutchen. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you feel sick or in pain? Medicine or medication? What if there…


We who are parents have a tremendous influence on the development and future health of our children’s spines. Would you believe me if I said that what we do or fail to do, as early as their first year, can determine whether or not they will have back or neck problems later in life? The…

Flu Season Facts

Flu Season Facts
As of February 15, 2020, in the U.S. there have been approximately 16,000 people that have died from the flu virus. As for the Corona virus, out of the 60 total cases reported by the CDC as of March, 2 there have been TWO DEATHS in the U.S. Both of whom had other health issues.…

The Gonstead Method

The Gonstead Technique
If you’ve ever sought out chiropractic care, you more than likely through personal investigation, have heard someone describe their chiropractor as one who uses “that clicky thingy” or “he/she lays me on my back and manipulates my neck.” These are more than likely describing the chiropractic techniques of Activator, Diversified, Palmer package, or even a…
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